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What is Bowen?


Bowen is a subtle form of bodywork that can be extremely beneficial for treating a range of conditions.

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What to Expect


In the clinic, Bowen is delivered through light clothing while lying on a massage table or seated in a chair if needed.

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At Canberra Bowenwork, we provide Bowen therapy treatments in the fully accessible clinic just next door to Cooleman Court in Weston Creek (South Canberra).

The Bowen Technique, when used correctly, can have amazing results. The technique can resolve a wide range of conditions ranging from traumatic injury to chronic pain or illness, and from stress-related impacts to compensation patterns, and as a tool to remove physical and emotional blockages to allow your body to address unresolved (old) injuries.

At Canberra Bowenwork our primary aim is to help you sustain long term physical and emotional wellbeing - a return to balance, a pain-free body, deep restful sleep, and a relaxed mind.

We don’t just treat the symptoms, but aim to help your body deal with the cause of the dysfunction and “re-set” itself to its original healthy programming. When this happens, relief is permanent.

Because Bowen works in a fully holistic way, clients often report major or total improvement in seemingly unrelated problems that they may have forgotten to mention at the initial consultation.

What is Bowen..
What to expect..
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